Melody Grove

Melody trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, where she won the James Bridie Gold Medal for Acting in 2009, and was a Spotlight Prize nominee in that same year.

For her performance as the female lead, alongside Mark Rylance, in Farinelli & the King, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Olivier Awards 2016 and won the Clarence Derwent Award 2016. In 2018 she reprised her role in the Broadway transfer at the Belasco Theatre.

She was also nominated for the Ian Charleson Award in 2010 for her portrayal of Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest at the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh.

Melody’s stage credits include The Illiad at the Royal Lyceum Edinburgh, Milk at the Traverse Theatre, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart at The National Theatre of Scotland and in its New York transfer, and A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and The Fact it Rains.

She has appeared in an episode of the BBC’s Call The Midwife, and recently read Katherine May’s Wintering for Radio 4.



BBC Radio 4: Book Of The Week

Melody Grove reads Katherine May’s Wintering – a thought-provoking, generous celebration of life’s dark seasons and fallow times

A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and The Fact it Rains

Melody has been cast in A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and The Fact it Rains at the Perth Theatre in Scotland

Farinelli and the King Reviews

Reviews for the Broadway transfer of Farinelli and the King are in:

  • “A romantic sub-plot also blooms between Farinelli and Isabella. You fear for them when the King finds out, but Grove plays Isabella with an intriguing double-edgedness to her. She is sharp and witty, yet devoted and pliant. She knows how to negotiate and survive the intrigues of court life. Grove is such a charismatic performer, more from her would have been welcome too.” The Daily Beast
  • “A thrilling hint of madness matched with insouciant wit has been a signature characteristic of Rylance’s stage work, which makes the ailing monarch in Farinelli and the King a tailor-made fit.” The Hollywood Reporter
  • “But in the end, it’s wildly entertaining in the moment, and resonant in the aftermath. It’s not only fun, it’s really about something. Several things, in fact: The healing powers of music. The durability of love under the most trying circumstances. The belief in forces just beyond our perceptive facilities.” Deadline
  • “But watching Mr. Rylance’s Philippe experience Farinelli’s voice, we hear what he hears. And an actor and a singer temporarily turn a night at the theater in an anxious city into an Eden beyond worldly care, all the more precious for its evanescence.” The New York Times
  • “Give an accomplished ham a dramatic role which allows him an occasional mad scene, and you are sure to have a memorable evening that is more or less unmissable. This is plenty enough to put Farinelli and the King on the highly recommended list.” Huffington Post

Farinelli & The King on Broadway

Melody Grove will reprise her role as Queen Farnese, alongside Mark Rylance, in the Broadway transfer of Farinelli & The King.

Melody played the role in the productions original run at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and at the subsequent West End transfer. The role earned her an Olivier nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category at the Olivier Awards 2016.

Farinelli & The King will play at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway from 5th December for a 16 week run.

Reviews for 'The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart'

Reviews are in for The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart. Melody Grove plays the lead in the production, which is playing at the McKittrick Hotel in New York, until the end of January 2017.

The press on Melody and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart:

  • “Melody Grove as Prudencia…is casting perfection. Grove’s face communicates as much, if not more, as the text she speaks. She’s at once fierce and achingly vulnerable, and her comedic moments shine with brilliance.” Marilyn Lester, Theater Pizzazz
  • “Prudencia is beautifully played by Grove, her bearing familiarly academic until her circumstances become more desperate, and she finds herself toying with an attraction to the Devil…It takes great skill to be this silly, and to do it with such heart and relish.” Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast
  • “Grove, McCole, Hannah, Annie Grace, and Alasdair Macrae originated from The National Theater of Scotland’s run of the show and…it’s difficult to imagine an alternative. Each clearly knows every beat as well as how to keep marching to it no matter what randomness the audience throws at them.” Breanne L. Heldman, Entertainment Weekly
  • “Performed by a multifarious ensemble of five, which includes…the euphoniously named Melody Grove” Ben Brantley, New York Times
  • “The appealing Melody Grove” Robert Feldberg, North Jersey

Melody Grove receives Clarence Derwent Award

Melody Grove has a received the Clarence Derwent Award for her performance as Queen Farnese in Farinelli & the King.

The prestigious Clarence Derwent Awards honour best supporting actors.

'The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart' in New York

Melody Grove is to reprise her role as Prudencia in The National Theatre of Scotland’s production The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, at The McKittrick Hotel, New York.

Melody Grove in 'Call the Midwife'

Melody Grove cast in BBC’s Call the Midwife.


Reviews for 'Milk' at the Traverse Theatre

The first reviews are in for Milk at the Traverse Theatre.

Melody Grove plays Nicole in the production, a new play written by Ross Dunmore and directed by Orla O’Loughlin.

The press on Melody and Milk:

  • “Melody Grove as Nicole catches perfectly the puzzling contradictions of motherhood” Michael Billington, The Guardian
  • “Loughlin”s powerful ensemble of actors…deliver beautiful, searching performances, full of both humour and pain…The strongest writing gathers around the character of Melody Grove’s Nicole..a fine, thought-provoking piece of theatre.” 4 stars, Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman
  • “Lovely performances…a fascinating and exciting declaration of new talent” 4 Stars, Charlotte Runcie, The Telegraph
  • “The entire cast in this production is superb…Gold top theatre!” 5 Stars, Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide
  • “An interesting and unique production and a thoroughly engaging piece of new writing delivered by a talented cast.” Steven Fraser, TV Bomb
  • “Bittersweet comedy” 5 stars, Joseph Winer, A Younger Theatre

Melody Grove joins cast of 'Milk'

Melody Grove joins the cast of the Traverse Festival’s Milk.

Melody will play Nicole in Milk, written by Ross Dunmore and directed by Orla O’Loughlin.

The production runs from 5th – 28th August at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh.

Reviews in for Melody Grove in 'The Iliad'

Reviews are in for The Iliad, starring Melody Grove as Thetis & Andromache, at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

The press on Melody and The Iliad:

  • “Melody Grove’s black-clad Thetis milks the melodrama…navigated by Thompson’s cast of twelve with an intense ferocity…an epic staging that invests Homer’s poetry with a sadly familiar flesh and blood relevance” 4 STARS – Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland
  • Melody Grove’s two mothers Thetis and Andromache…are particularly striking” – 4 Stars – Hugh Simpson, All Edinburgh Theatre
  • “This is an exceptional ensemble, each member worthy of mention…Melody Grove subtle and icy as the wronged Thetis.” – 5 Stars – Thom Dibdin, The Stage
  • “The actors all play their roles flawlessly…A Masterpiece” – 4 STARS – Rock Williams, All Edinburgh Theatre
  • “Passionate playing from Melody Grove” Alan Brown, Edinburgh 49
  • “A really strong ensemble.” – Chris Hannan, British Theatre Guide

Melody Grove in 'The Iliad'

Melody is to star as Thetis in Chris Hannan’s The Iliad, directed by Mark Thomson at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

The production will run from 20th April – 14th May 2016.

For more information and tickets, click here.

Reviews for Melody Grove in 'The Air That Carries The Weight'

Reviews are in for The Air That Carries The Weight, which starred Melody Grove in the lead role of Isobel.

The Air That Carries The Weight, directed by Muriel Romanes, played from 24th – 26th March at the Traverse Edinburgh.

The press on Melody:

– “Melody Grove…brings a studied sharpness to the role, a particularity of understanding so that she carries the weight of the intricate unfurling of abstract events with ease” – Thom Didbin, All Edinburgh Theatre

– “Melody Grove’s beautifully-pitched Isobel” – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

– “Played with emotional clarity by Melody Grove” – Paul F Cockburn, Broadway Baby

– “Melody Grove…moved us swiftly and effectively from the material to the spiritual and into a thoughtful examination of the nature of friendship and of loss” – Bill Dunlop, Edinburgh Guide

Olivier Award Nomination

Melody Grove was nominated for the Olivier Award for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for Farinelli & the King.

Melody played Queen Isabella, the female lead opposite Mark Rylance in both the original production at the Globe Theatre, and in the West End transfer at the Duke of York’s Theatre.

Reviews for Melody Grove in 'Farinelli & the King'

Melody received glowing reviews for her portrayal of Queen Farnese in the West End transfer of The Globe’s Farinelli & the King.

The press on Melody:

  • “Melody Grove is absolutely superb her shining, thankless, rarely wavering dedication…is most touchingly conveyed.” Paul Taylor, The Independent
  • “Melody Grove, whose own aptly euphonious delivery and fine performance makes a key contribution to the show’s overall polish” Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter
  • “Played with a sweet blend of practical pluck and tremulous heartache by Melody Grove” Holly Williams, Exeunt Magazine
  • “A lovely performance…by Melody Grove” Michael Coveney, What’s On Stage
  • “Melody Grove, impressive” Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard
  • “Empathetically acted by Melody Grove” Rachel Halliburton, Time Out
  • “Unflinchingly good support from Melody Grove as the tenacious Isabella” Michael Billington, The Guardian, on the run at the Globe theatre, earlier this year.

Melody Grove in 'Light Boxes'

Melody Grove starred in Light Boxes, at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

The press on Melody and Light Boxes:

  • “There is a moment when Selah (played by the aptly named Melody Grove)…sings a lament so beautiful it could make snow melt” – Lyn Gardner The Guardian
  • “Melody Grove’s haunting yet soothing voice” – Nastassia Sutherland, Ed Fest Mag
  • “..a testament to the actors…each continually engaging with first class performances that are captivating” – Susan Lowes, All Edinburgh Theatre