Anthony Lewis

Anthony was Marc Reynolds in Emmerdale from 1999-2002. His other screen credits include Torchwood, Boy A and The Syndicate.

His stage credits include, A Passionate Woman, at the Hull Truck Theatre followed by a UK Tour, Not Again at the Old Red Lion, the lead in Whose Life is it Anyway? at the Frinton Summer Theatre and UK tour of The Full Monty.

Anthony most recently appeared in the second series of Ackley Bridge on Channel 4

Ackley Bridge

Anthony has been cast in the second series of Ackley Bridge for Channel 4

Anthony Lewis in 'Undercliffe'

Anthony Lewis has recently finished filming the role of Josh in feature film ‘Undercliffe‘, which is directed by Lisa Mulcahy and produced by Open Palm Films.

Reviews in for 'The Full Monty'

The Full Monty, which stars Anthony Lewis as Lomper and which is currently touring the UK, has received fantastic reviews across the board.

The press on Anthony Lewis and The Full Monty:

  • “…the unsuspected star of the show has to be Lewis. His Lomper is played as a very convincing possibly borderline autistic man, not offensively, simply as a quirk, and he elicits laughter and sympathy with every line he utters. His breakthrough scene discovering his homosexuality with Fountain is particularly touching, with just the right mix of awkwardness and attraction.” 4.5 stars, Ruth Jepson, Reviews Hub
  • “Anthony Lewis was great as Lomper. He has clearly perfected the goofy, shoulder slumped look and voice for the role.” 4.5 stars, Jenny Bray, What’s Good To Do
  • “A show full of laughs and tears. A great night out barely covers it.” Jamie Gaskin, Reviews Hub
  • “sends the audience home wearing the biggest of grins” 4 stars, Iain Sykes, Reviews Hub
  • “Wonderfully warm and witty” 4 stars, Dominic Corr, Reviews Hub
  • “Anthony Lewis as suicidal and  depressed Lomper shows great sensitivity” Phil Lowe, East Midlands Theatre
  • “supremely funny” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman
  • “It’s touching, it’s sad and above all it’s laugh-out-loud funny.” 4 stars, Ken Wilson, Edinburgh Guide
  • “With a wonderful cast…both bittersweet and riotously funny” Jeremy Miles, Daily Echo

Anthony Lewis joins cast of 'The Full Monty'

Anthony Lewis joins the cast of The Full Monty, directed by Jack Ryder.

Anthony plays Lomper in Simon Beaufoy’s hit production, which will tour the UK nationwide from September 2016 – April 2017.

Review for 'Whose Life is it Anyway?'

Anthony Lewis is praised in the press for his portrayal of paraplegic Ken Harrison in Whose Life is it Anyway? at the Frinton Summer Theatre.

The press on Anthony:

  • “Much credit must go to Anthony Lewis in the starring role. As the anchor of the whole story, the pressure falls on him to portray the character’s wit, intelligence and desperation…He accomplishes this task brilliantly…” Tom Dalby, Frinton & Walton Gazette

Anthony Lewis in 'Whose Life is it Anyway'

Anthony Lewis will play leading role of Ken Harrison in Clive Brill’s production of Whose Life is it Anyway.

The production will play at the Frinton Summer Theatre in July 2016.

Anthony Lewis in 'A Passionate Woman'

Anthony Lewis played Mark in Kay Mellor’s A Passionate Woman. The play, directed by Gareth Tudor Price, played at the Hull Truck Theatre, before a UK tour.

The press on Anthony and A Passionate Woman:

  • “Lewis, as the son who just wants his mum to be at his wedding, provides a fabulous turn of increasing confused exasperation as the saga unfolds” – Iain Sykes, Reviews Hub
  • “Lewis’s endearing Mark, Charles Hutchinson, York Press
  • “The small cast…all work well…You are unlikely to witness anything better this year.” 4 STARS, John Jeffay, The Jewish Chronicle
  • “Anthony Lewis is great as the exasperated son” David Chardderton, British Theatre Guide